A person stands wearing a beige tabard. There are printed documents clipped to the front of the garment.

In Session, formerly known as GRADJOB, started at EMBASSY Gallery in 2018. The programme emerged from the lack of support, exploitation, and precarious working conditions experienced by emerging artists working in Scotland. Our goal was to provide long term support mechanisms for early-career creative practitioners, to demystify the contemporary art world and to create a space to make, share, dream and collaborate.

This was beautiful experiment of what GRADJOB could be and what it needed to be. The seven thoughtful, tough and critical Co-contributors shaped this programme, questioned existing structures, brought ideas, energy, resilience, solidarity fun and love to this moment we shared in a safe and intimate space.

Through wearing back packs in galleries, karaoke in basements, cooking in studios, dancing in Newcastle and giving away solo shows at EMBASSY Gallery they made GRADJOB!


Donald Butler, Katrina Cobain, Katie Dibb, Susie Eggins, Harry Maberly, Jens Masimov, Danny Pagarani

Contributing Artists

Basic Mountain, Naomi Garriock, Mutual Co-op, Gordon Douglas, Francis Dosoo, Jennie TempleAlex Martinis Roe, Lesley Young, Jamie Crewe, Ben Callaghan, Tako Taal, Rosie O’grady, Newbridge Projects, Robert Thomas James Mills

“As a participant in the first year of GRADJOB I was given a much needed path from art school to the world afterwards. The magical thing about GRADJOB is that through the process of participation one realises that the exchange is mutual, that the path is laid collectively. The allure of art school is its quasi-mystical promise of the satisfaction of one’s specific form of desire (self-reinvention, meaning, beauty, fame). GRADJOB seeks to demystify the lives of artists and through simple acts – sharing space, time and food together, sacrificing time to a common commitment – demonstrate that there is no great beyond, no “when I have a Turner prize I’ll be complete!”. Rachael Simpson leads by example. Her care and commitment to the project and the participants make it possible to believe in the here and now – that to trust and value others is to trust and value oneself. My greatest lesson from GRADJOB is real joy is collective joy.”

Danny Pagarani

A group of people stand outside an old stone building.
Two people sit on the floor in front of a blue patterned wall hanging.
A group of people are crouched or kneeling on a wooden floor, surrounded by paper. They are all drawing. In the background is a bookcase full of books of different shapes and sizes.
A person with red hair and a blue jumper stands facing the viewer. There is pink text over them reading '#6 THE PRACTICE OF (PUBLIC) SPEAKING'
A blue patterned tablecloth with a wooding chopping board on top. On the chopping board is a line of chopped lemons and a lemon juicer. The lemon seeds are scattered to one side and a paper cup of lemon juice sits next to the board. A pair of hands hover over the lemons with a knife above the right hand.
A table with red chairs around it sits in an empty gallery space.

With support and love from:

Connie Hurley, Abigail Webster, Micheal DiRenzo, Kata Yli-Malmi, Ed Compson, Quinn Garrison, Dan Russell, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Rhubaba Gallery & Studios, Hannan Jones, Paper Mountain, SCAN, Neil Nodzack, Talbot Rice Gallery