A lined piece of paper with a red heart drawn inside a pink square. There is some black text reading 'support system'

Graduating from art, design and theatre courses from around Scotland in 2017 and 2018 the cohort where based in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dunblane.

Creating strong support mechanisms through workshops and events and maintaining momentum, commitment and community through out the relentless challenges of a global pandemic.

This group brought comedy, sensitivity, thoughtfulness and support. giving generous space for each individual to contribute, question, develop and express. This group continues to provide each other with true friendship and support.


Emelia Kerr Beale, Kate Francis Lingard, Jake Shephard, Natalie Morgan Klien, Sanjay Lago, Clara Hancock, Joanne Lee, Suzanne Anthony, Georgia Thornton

Contributing Artists

Naomi Garriock, Laura Tully & Siobhan Scott, Gordon Douglas, Corin Sworn, Peter Amoore & Lara McLeod, Francis Dosoo, Eoin Dara, Ed Compson, Bryony Gillard, Ben Callaghan, Harriet Rose Morley, Hannan Jones

Joining GRADJOB in the pretty bleak winter of 2019 provided a space to reframe a practice I was feeling more and more detached from during my undergraduate studies. GRADJOB not only provides a space to think about the challenge of maintaining an artistic practise, but a reframing of this ‘practice’ by considering the frameworks we operate within. GRADJOB values the importance of community and care, and the labour this entails. GRADJOB is a support system, and a place where friendship is celebrated, something which can often seem difficult when navigating the rocky terrain of funding bodies, grants and residencies- which are in the majority inaccessible. It has gifted me relationships that have evolved very quickly into different forms of collaborations, and people to turn to for advice. Being able to meet and have informal chats/workshops with artists and cultural workers from at different stages in life provided a peer to peer confidence I saw grow within all of this years participants. GRADJOB enacts an accessibility I wish I saw more across the arts sector; I think many ideas are digested better when understanding them with others. Rachael and the Embassy committee gave their time to imagining a new landscape for the arts with everyone involved. During Covid-19, the remote sessions continued to foster a feeling of together-ness which has helped me formulate ideas around how I want to continue as ‘an artist’; with others, through others and not on my own.

Kate Lingard

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A gallery space with a group of people sitting on chairs. There is writing on the walls.
Two people sit on stools facing each other. One is talking and the other is listening attentively and recording the conversation on their phone.

With support and love from:

Danny Pagarani, Connie Hurley, Poliza Chizhova, Sean Elder, Rhubaba Gallery & Studios, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Basic Mountain, Jennie Temple