In Session’s Vision is for an art sector founded on solidarity rather than competition, where collaborations are formed out of the desire for meaningful exchange, not economic necessity. We want to remove barriers that prevent careers in the arts from being sustainable. We want to see an art world where artists and organisers in the early stages of their career have access to the tools and support networks they need to thrive and develop their practice.

Our Mission is to offer our cohorts new opportunities for meaningful engagement, learning and professional development, and to provide a safe space to form new alliances, engage in inspiring and supportive discussions and develop tools for navigating existing structures in the Scottish art scene.

In 2021 we will examine our role within institutional structures built on the legacies of colonial and early capitalist systems of governance. We will continue to focus on the needs of artists and graduates working in Scotland as well as the new challenges they now face as a result of Covid-19. We are dedicated to building alliances, promoting solidarity and creating possibilities for targeted strategic resistance in 2021.

Two people standing against a white wall shake hands. They are both smiling.

Our Core Values

Solidarity: In Session promotes solidarity in the arts sector. We work to connect struggles and create an environment based on mutual support rather than competition. We encourage the formation of strategic alliances as a form of resistance.

Non-hierarchical Knowledge Construction: We strive at all times to operate transparently and to encourage co-researchers to see organisers, partners and contributing artists as collaborators. We encourage openness to conflicting viewpoints and peer learning. We encourage and criticality and of new collaboratively generated knowledges.

Non-exploitative: We believe in ethical labour practices and always pay our co researchers for their programme contribution. We encourage our co-researchers to value their work, to unionise and to stand with others against exploitation.

Encouraging Multiple Narratives: We value all voices and work proactively and creatively to bring together participants and contributors from diverse backgrounds together. We encourage the sharing of divergent experiences and opinions as we believe this deepens learning and enriches understanding of our issues affecting our sector.

Providing Mechanisms for Support: We are committed to investing in and sustaining meaningful relationships with the partners, co-researchers and contributing artists we work with throughout the programme and beyond. Care is at the centre of our programme and making sure that all those we work with receive the support they need to fully participate in the programme is our priority.

Responsive: In Session is an artist-run project which means organisers are embedded within the communities that we serve. We consult with co-researchers (past and present) at every stage of programme design and delivery us to ensure the relevance of the programme and its outcomes. This is integral to the development of In Session as it allows us to be responsive and meet the needs of our co-researchers.

Raising Marginalized Voices: We recognise that there is inequality and that this creates barriers for marginalized groups. We are fully committed to diversity, respecting human rights and creating opportunities for access and participation across Scotland. We will continue work with and for these groups of to make Scotland a better place for all.

Empowerment: In Session provides a safe, friendly, empowering environment where are encouraged to find their voice and discover the confidence to embrace new opportunities, take control of their own learning and personal development and to change their lives for the better.